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Routine Inspections & Preventative Car Maintenance


Routine inspections and preventative auto maintenance

A little love goes a long way when it comes to sustaining your ride. By following your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance intervals, the rewards are clear: you alleviate performance-robbing symptoms, prevent unwelcome and potentially serious damage to your vehicle and minimize costly future repairs.


Regular maintenance keeps your vehicle at the top of its game.

When you slack on maintenance, components – like filters – become dirty and impair your car’s performance. Dirty fuel injectors, if not cleaned or replaced, experience reduced flow and dwindling MPG. Spark plugs too, head south, ushering in sluggish acceleration, deficient fuel economy and a jerky inconsistent energy supply.


Burbank Auto Doctor gives it to you straight

Expert mechanics give it to you straight and help you adhere to your manufacturer’s intent. From fresh filters and tune-ups to headlight replacement and fluid exchanges, we perform key recommended maintenance to keep your vehicle running newer, longer – and without undue added expenses.


Importance of regular mechanical inspection

To maintain safety and reduce the cost of car repair, it is important that you have your car inspected regularly. Regular mechanical inspection should be done and not just a visual inspection of your vehicle, since many components of your car cannot be inspected visually.

Most Popular Auto Services

Our Free Check Engine Light Service

82% of U.S. adults who own or lease a vehicle are more focused on extending the life of their current vehicle than they have been with past vehicles, according to 2010 / Harris Interactive survey.

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Air Conditioning Repair

We are ready to examine your car’s air conditioning system components, and get them all in peak working condition. If you do have a leak, it’s crucial to find its source and fix it. It’s also important to confirm no other AC system components have been affected.

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Wheel Alignment Service

There are times when you know your wheel alignment is off. Maybe your vehicle pulls to one side of the road. Perhaps your steering wheel is not straight up and down when your hands are positioned at 10 and 2. Or your tires might squeal when you’re turning.

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Oil Change Service

Changing your motor oil on a regular basis helps coat and protect your vital engine parts from excessive friction and heat. The longer you go between oil changes, the more your oil thickens and becomes less effective against engine wear and damage.

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Brake Service & Maintenance

You press down on the accelerator pedal. Your car goes. But what happens when you apply the brakes? Does it stop straight and confidently, when and where you want it to? Can you depend on your brakes, or do you have brake problems? It’s inevitable: if you keep your vehicle long enough, you’ll need brake repair.

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Engine Repair & Overhaul

Your engine is a beautiful thing.  With some gas, air and a spark, it powers you down the road.  Treat it well and your car will go the distance.  But remember, every engine has different needs.  Its well–being also depends on other factors, such as how you drive.

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